10th World Conference on Sampling and Blending in Kristiansand, Norway

postponed to
31st May-
2nd June 2022

Celebrating the 10th World Conference on Sampling and Blending (WCSB10), June 2022

The world community of sampling has reasons to celebrate. Our next conference will be special, not only because of a jubilee in the conference series, but there appears to be an increasing possibility that WCSB10 can be held traditionally in-person next year in Kristiansand, Norway. This is definitely something to look forward to! But even if the in-person conference should still not be possible one year from now, the organising committee has a plan B. We are already in discussions with local technology providers on running a hybrid conference with both in-person and online attendance. Many international conferences are being run this way right now due to travel restrictions arising from the current pandemic, and we intend to make good use of the considerable experiences gained in the last 15 months.

It is now 70 years since the first concepts and ideas of what was to become the Theory of Sampling (TOS) were initiated by Pierre Gy and have found successful application in many industry sectors. But though TOS should be an important part of modern society’s drive for sustainable processes and products, there is still a long way to go before we reach this goal. Together we must increase our scientific and technological outreach to industry and society as our single first priority. Sampling is the first step in any analysis context, and is unfortunately still the most underestimated factor contributing to questionable results, which can easily also lead to uncertain management decisions.

Representative sampling, either by physical sample extraction or as part of Process Analytical Technology (PAT), is an essential part to drive society, technology, industry, commerce and sustainability to the next level. Only a professional focus will lead to fit-for-purpose sampling, traceability and documentation from start to end in the analytical pathway. Representative sampling is a sure way to contribute to companies', corporations’ and organisations’ quality management objectives and environmental goals, with which to optimize the use of natural resources, commodities and other raw materials. Therefore, proper sampling should be on the top of the agenda for sectors of society where sampling plays a role. This objective is served most effectively by broadening the network in the sampling community, and one of the primary ways to do this is by joining in the work leading up to and attending your next conference in Norway, namely WCSB10.

The conference covers the latest applications of and research within the realm of the Theory of Sampling and Blending (TOS). WCSB10 is relevant for a plethora of scientific and technological sectors: mining, minerals processing, metals, cement, food & feed, agri & aqua culture, pharmaceuticals, and many other process industries. WCSB10 will have a special industrial and environmental emphasis along the lines of sustainable science, technology and industry. The organising committee and Eyde Cluster hosting the conference is pleased to introduce a new sustainable dimension for this and future conferences as well.

WCSB10 will be targeting the UN world development goals, which address sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure (no. 9) and responsible production and consumption (no. 12). A collaborative sampling community can better find ways to contribute towards fulfilling the aspirations embedded in these international goals. It is hoped that participation in WCSB10 will help strengthening a conscious attitude towards sampling quality – and that WSCB10 will also lead to planting many new seeds to grow a proper sampling mindset in many new application fields, technology sectors and industries.

Please note that all the aspirations outlined above start with you signing up now to attend the conference. Please do not worry about potential lingering pandemic and/or cancellation issues; these will all be taken well care of by the organising committee – you will feel no adverse effects.
Please sign up and “follow” the conference homepage via the following link (where all ongoing communications will take place): https://wcsb10.com/

Most importantly (NB this is a recent change in the conference program that will benefit you greatly):
The DEADLINE for submitting your abstract for a presentation/poster is January 15th, 2022 -
see conference homepages for details: https://wcsb10.com/

Now, where can all this be done better than in the beautiful southern part of Norway where Kristiansand and its surrounding regions have much to offer to feed your minds and hearts? WCSB10 will be held in the city centre of Kristiansand at the Radisson Blu Caledonien hotel from where you can easily reach typical Norwegian sights and enjoy a stroll in the local surroundings like Posebyen - the largest continuous collection of old wooden houses in any city in Northern Europe. How about visiting Odderøya - Kristiansand's oldest fortress (ca. 1660-1797) and Northern Europe's largest quarantine station (1804-1914) - right outside the hotel doorstep. Or what about taking a trip to the world's largest underwater restaurant “Under”, which earned a spot in Time Magazine's World's Greatest Places list for 2019? It is only about an hour's drive west from Kristiansand. The Southern part of Norway does not only offer many attractions, it is also home to many different established and future industries. Check out the following links:

“The battery coast”:
Future Materials:

Join us at WCSB10 in June 2022 and reap great professional, social and personal benefits.
We very much hope to see you at our venue next year – Sign up here: https://wcsb10.com/

The Organising and Scientific Committees of WCSB10