10th World Conference on Sampling and Blending in Kristiansand, Norway

postponed to
31st May-
2nd June 2022

Welcome to the 10th World Conference on Sampling and Blending in Kristiansand 2022


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About the conference

The conference covers the latest research and application of the Theory of Sampling (TOS) and Blending. WCSB10 is relevant for many scientific and technological sectors: mining, minerals processing, metals, cement, food & feed, agri & aqua culture, pharmaceuticals a.o.

WCSB10 will also focus on a broader societal, industrial and environmental emphasis along the lines of sustainable science, technology and industry.

Photos: Eyde Cluster and Visit Sørlandet

Photos: Eyde Cluster and Visit Sørlandet

Preamble June 2021

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Due to the global impact of the corona pandemic, the WCSB10 conference is postponed to 2022. New Dates:

Conference Tuesday 31st May - Thursday 2nd June 2022

Short Courses Sunday 29th & Monday 30th May 2022

We welcome you to take advantage of our Early bird specials WCSB10 - Registration. To get young scientists and students engaged, we also offer a Student participation fee.

The organizing and scientific committees and the Eyde Industrial Cluster, look forward to WELCOME you to WCSB10 in Kristiansand (hopefully physically in 2022)! 


Photos: Eyde Cluster and Gorm Helge Grønli Rudchinat

Photos: Eyde Cluster and Gorm Helge Grønli Rudchinat

WCSB 1-9

The 10th World Conference on Sampling and Blending, represents a continuation of the activities carried out over two decades by the global sampling community. There are very good reasons to celebrate the scientific results from each individual conference, a progress that is documented by the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association (IPGSA). The first nine conferences bear witness to steadily increasing scientific (and social) results and a well-documented series of high-quality proceedings. The number of attendees to the inaugural WCSB1 in 2003 (Esbjerg, Denmark) was 117, has been gradually growing at succeeding conferences with an average level of ca. 150-175, and so far culminating the unique 556 delegates to WCSB9 in Beijing, China (2019), where the proceedings reached 810 pages, out-pacing any previous conference. This two-decade development is, needless to say, highly satisfactory for the global sampling community that since 2015 the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association, IPGSA 

Sustainable conference

The 10th WCSB conference will likely continue the qualitative growth from previous conferences, but not necessarily in terms of quantitative numbers. The organisational committee and Eyde cluster would like to introduce a new sustainable direction for this conference and future conferences as well. WCSB10 will be targeting the UN world development goals nos. 9 and 12, which address sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure, and responsible production and consumption. It is hoped that the sampling community can contribute towards fulfilling the aspirations embedded in these goals. To facilitate this, some new items on the conference agenda are introduced for WCSB10:

  • Environment and sustainability is included as a new, separate session in the program. All speakers are encouraged to reflect on if -and how their work could contribute to more sustainable industry.
  • Conference target numbers are scaled back. We wish to welcome you to a conference that is high in quality and pleasant experiences. But we do not need to match, far less the unique scale and numbers achieved by the previous conference. This is also a reflection of the parallel activity of organizing semi-regular Australian, South African and South American sampling conferences in the intervening years between the biannual WCSB.
  • The amount of printed material and giveaways is also scaled down, as we believe that the digital format is convenient and readily available across the world. 
  • The organizational committee is working on offering a streaming option from WCSB10. If you don't have the opportunity to travel to Norway, this option will allow you not to miss out on the interesting scientific sessions at the conference. With this option you will also get a digital copy of the conference proceedings.

Each conference participant is responsible for her og his own registration. The conference registration is seperate from the hotel booking. You find information about both on the registration page.