10th World Conference on Sampling and Blending in Kristiansand, Norway

31st May-
2nd June

Day one

Program Day 1: Tuesday 31st May 2022

Session 1: TOS/QC/QA/QM 08:30-10:00 
08:30 KEYNOTE: Francis F. Pitard, The complex futility of the Liberation Factor
09:00 KEYNOTE: Dominque François-Bongarçon, Liberation Factor for ‘closely sieved’ material
09:30 TECHNICAL: Oscar Dominguez, Theory of Sampling (TOS) & Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC) enabling the application and expectations of new technology and data processing

Session 2: TOS/QC/QA/QM 10:30-12:00 

10:30 KEYNOTE: Richard Minnitt, Calibration of K and Alpha for bulk commodities and precious metal ores
11:00 Daniel Johnson et.al., Proactive rolling bias test applied on sample stations
11:20 Bo Svensmark, Extensions to the Theory of Sampling 2. The Sampling Uncertainty (SU) and SU as alternative to variographic analysis.
11:40 Fabio Maggiore et al., Process optimization by real time analysis of liquids’ composition in metal and mining

SESSION 3: TOS/QC/QA/QM 13:30-17:00
13:30 KEYNOTE: Pentti Minkkinen, Monitoring the lot mean uncertainty estimates
14:00 A. Neressa Sukha: Challenges in quality assurance and quality control system development
14:20 Trevor Bruce & B. Michael Hidding, Economic benefits of improving precision
15:15 Oscar Dominguez & John Kelly, Implementing proactive Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC) & Quality Management (QM) practices at coal testing laboratories
15:35 TECHNICAL: Rodolfo Romanach et al., Differentiating analytical error from sampling errors in PAT methods through variographic analysis
15:55 Dominque François-Bongarçon, Comminution sizes in sampling calculations

Day two

Program Day 2: Wednesday June 1st

Session 4: Process Sampling (PAT) 08:30-10:00 
08:30 KEYNOTE: Kim H. Esbensen, The Sampling Interface—a critical success factor in process sampling and PAT
09:00 Lukas Rybok et al., Online elemental analysis for process control in the mineral processing industry
09:20 Henning Reichardt, et al., Implementation of a QAQC programme for in-situ grade control by Pulsed Fast and Thermal Neutron Activation methods
09:40 Henry Kurth & L. Balzan, Process analytical technologies for precise, timely and representative elemental and moisture measurement for conveyed flows

Session 5: Mining /Minerals/ Metals 10:30-12:00
10:30 D. Aldwin Vogel, Moisture Determination. Mass loss on drying—Commercial sampling washed away
10:50 Eirik Djuve & Elke Willam Thisted, Case Study--Improved sampling of iron sludge at Glencore Nikkelverk
11:10 A. Reinaldo Novaes & B. Michael Hidding, Choosing metallurgical samplers or static cutters for process control in slurry: when or why to avoid the increment delimitation error
11:30 Willem P. Slabbert, Cross belt sampler: Mechanical design of the world’s largest hammer sampler for bauxite export contractual requirements

SESSION 6: Sampling for Environment / Sustainability /Circular Economy 13:30-17:00
13:30 TECHNICAL: Roger Brewer et.al., Fake Data? The need for sampling theory in environmental research and investigations
13:55 Hans Møller & Kim H. Esbensen, Representative Sampling for condition monitoring of in-service wind turbine bearings: Challenges and solutions over 10 years
14:15 TECHNICAL: Stéphane Brochot et al., Experimental determination of the constitutional heterogeneity for sampling waste printed circuit boards
15:15 TECHNICAL: Bert Pauels, Sampling in a precious metals refining plant—A practical approach for a complex problem
15:40 Sheryl A. Tittlemier, Challenges of sampling grain for mycotoxin analysis
16:00 Agathe Hubau et al., Estimation of uncertainty for measuring metals content in waste printed circuit boards *Presented by Stéphane Brochot

Day three

Program Day 3: Thursday June 2nd

Session 7: Mining /Minerals / Metals 08:30-10:05 
08:30 KEYNOTE: Simon C. Dominy, Sampling of high-nugget conglomerates from Western Australian Pilbara: Bulk sampling at Beatons Creek gold project, Nullagine
09:00 Oluf Bøckman & B. Hege Indresand, Mobile dust sampling device for dust filter generation at a Ni refinery
09:20 Neressa Sukha et al., The evolution of the mechanically agitated hopper in Anglo American Platinum
09:40 TECHNICAL: Martin Lischka, Sampling for Industry 4.0

Session 8: Mining/ Minerals / Metals 10:30-12:20
10:30 KEYNOTE: Ralph Holmes, Ongoing challenges of representative sampling of bulk mineral commodities
11:00 Karin Engstöm et al., Understanding sampling variation—a vital aspect of industrial research experiments
11:20 Felix Tocanas et al., A comparison between conventional blast hole sampling and diamond core drilling for copper grade at the Antapaccay mine
11:40 Francis F. Pitard, Case Studies using Visman & Ingamells sampling approaches
12:00 Modisaotsile Nyokong & Willem Slabbert, ISO 13909 compliant contractual payment station coal sampling plant: Process design and equipment selection for chemical, physical and moisture sampling

SESSION 9: Around the World New Developments/Going Forward 13:30-17:00
13:30 KEYNOTE: Dr. Li Huachang, The state of organized sampling work for minerals in China since WCSB9
14:00 Simon Dominy et. al., Sampling for resource evaluation and grade control in an underground gold operation: a case of compromise
14:20 Laurance Donnelly, et al., The sampling and phase characterisation of black mass
14:40 Quentin Dehaine & K.H. Esbensen, Multivariate methods for improved geometallurgy sampling
15:00 TECHNICAL Claudia Paoletti & K.H. Esbensen, Framing TOS in risk assessment: A broader perspective for the future—Comparing and contrasting the F2 and M3
industry sectors

15:20- 16:30 COFFEE BREAK & IPGSA General Assembly
16:45-17:00 Closing Ceremony (revile location for the next conference)