10th World Conference on Sampling and Blending in Kristiansand, Norway

31st May-
2nd June
Martin Lischka

Martin Lischka

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Mr. Martin Lischka (M. Sc. Geosciences and Environment), has more than nine years of experience on the field of sample taking and sample preparation. He is currently working in the R&D department at HERZOG Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG.

HERZOG is the world-leading manufacturer of state-of-the art sample preparation equipment and automation for quality control of the extractive and recycling industry. Projects he is involved range from special sampling systems, large scale raw material applications, down to final aliquot preparation - like pressed pellet preparation or borate fusion for XRF analysis. His recent activities focus on precious metal recycling, copper related commodities and sensoring methods applied to sample taking and preparation routines as a quality measure. 

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